Fix DirectX setup could not download the file Windows 10/11

In this post, I’m going to show you how to fix DirectX setup could not download the file issue.

This is the full error message: DirectX Setup could not download the file. Please retry later or check network connection.

I wanted to install the latest DirectX version so I downloaded the setup from the official Microsoft website.

But when I tried to run the setup, it gave me DirectX setup could not download the file error.

Directx setup could not download the file

So I was searching for a solution to fix this DirectX installation error and I found some useful methods.

Even though I used only two methods to fix the DirectX installation failed problem, you can try all of the following methods.

Why does this “DirectX setup could not download the file” error occur?

DirectX setup could not download the file is actually related to network issue. But sometimes the setup itself is the culprit.

I mean if you download the corrupted setup then also this will give you the problem.

BUt here are several possible reasons why you might encounter a “DirectX setup could not download the file. Please retry later” error:

Network Problem:

  • Unstable Internet Connection: A weak or intermittent Internet connection can interrupt the download process and cause this error.
  • DNS Issues: Outdated or corrupted DNS records can prevent your computer from resolving the correct address for the DirectX download server.
  • Firewall or antivirus interference: Your security software may mistakenly block the download as a security risk.

DirectX setup issues:

  • Corrupt installer file: If the DirectX setup file itself is corrupted, it may cause the download to fail.
  • Older DirectX versions: Running an older version of DirectX may cause compatibility issues with the installer.
  • Missing Dependencies: Missing required system components such as the .NET Framework can hinder the DirectX installation process.

Other Ingredients:

  • Temporary Server Overload: Microsoft download servers may temporarily experience high traffic, which may cause connection errors.
  • User Account Permissions: Running the installer with a standard user account will not have sufficient privileges to download files.

Identifying the exact cause may be difficult, but by using the troubleshooting steps I mentioned earlier, you can systematically eliminate potential culprits and hopefully DirectX will install successfully.

Now, let’s see how to fix DirectX setup could not download the file windows 10/11 error.

Methods to fix DirectX setup could not download the file

Video Guide:

Watch this video to know exactly how to fix directx setup could not download the file please retry later or check network connection error.

Meanwhile, if you want to do it yourself then read these methods and steps.

The video only contains 3 methods but this post contains 10 methods.

And who knows which method will work for you, so just try all of them.

1. Disable Antivirus

Antivirus sometimes gives a headache. Why?

Because it works on its own. I mean, it can block, restrict or even delete some programs without even telling us.

That’s why you should disable antivirus first before doing any work on your PC.

This is the most obvious solution because, as I said, antivirus or windows security sometimes blocks the web setups or programs.

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I’m just saying to disable it temporarily so that if it’s blocking the program, it won’t cause any trouble while performing some actions or program executions.

So just disable your antivirus or windows security on your Windows PC and then try to install the DirectX setup.

If you’re using default ms defender and if you want, you can turn off windows defender permanently.

This solution may fix DirectX could not download the file issue, if the antivirus is blocking it.

If it fixed your problem, enable the antivirus again so that your PC won’t be vulnerable to any threats in the future.

2. Turn off Firewall

If the above step didn’t work for you then just disable the windows firewall.

Windows FireWall is a network and system security tool or a program that filters the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on the programs you’re currently using.

But you know what, Windows Firewall sometimes blocks the network traffic for web setups in 

order to prevent unusual or unwanted installations.

Just search for the firewall in the windows search box and open it. This is a shortcut.

But if you want to know the way to get to the windows firewall, here is the path or steps:

Start button > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security and then Firewall & network protection.

Now you need to go through these three options: Domain network, Private network, or Public network.

Just open and turn off these options.

These are general steps to disable windows firewalls.

Many users on the Microsoft forum reported that disabling the windows firewall actually solved the DirectX setup could not download the file issue.

So it may also work for you, give it a try.

If this works, great, if not, proceed to further methods.

3. Reset Network Config & Flush DNS Cache

I found this solution on the Microsoft forum and this is one of the solutions I recommend you to fix direct X network error.

This method will reset network configurations and network catalog in order to fix direct installation error.

You first need to flush the DNS cache. And then reset the network configurations.

Just run CMD as an administrator and enter these commands:

ipconfig /flushdns

netsh winsock reset

The first command will flush the DNS cache.

The second command will reset the network catalog configs.

The about two commands will do their work automatically you don’t have to do anything separately.

This actually recovers the system from any socket errors caused by downloading or executing some unknown files and programs.

After executing these two commands, just restart your PC and try to install DirectX.

Users reported on the forums that this method mostly works because it just resets the network resulting in fixing the DirectX network error.

4. Use Offline Installer

This is the solution that worked for me to fix setup could not download the file DirectX error.

As the name suggests, this is an official DirectX offline installer. It will install the DirectX offline which means without any network connection.

But obviously, you need to have an Internet connection to download this offline setup.

Download DirectX Offline Setup

Just download this offline setup, extract it and run it. That’s it.

Watch the video tutorial provided at the beginning of these methods to clear out things or doubts.

After running the setup, you just need to wait till this offline setup installs the whole DirectX package on your PC.

Again, if you’re totally new to this kind of program or if you don’t get what to do while using this method, you can watch the video tutorial.

As I said this is the only solution that worked for me but hey you can try other methods too.

This works 99.99% of the time but somehow if you’re PC is bought from Mars, Jupiter or other planets then it won’t work. 

In that case, read the next methods as well.

5. Update to the latest version

After using the above method four, I recommend you to use the web installer to update the DirectX to the latest version.

Download DirectX Web Installer

This is the installer that you generally use in order to install DirectX.

This method will update the DirectX packages. 

That’s it. It’s just a recommendation to update the DirectX, it’s not any solution to fix network errors.

6. Remove and Re-install DirectX

You can use any DirectX remover to completely remove the DirectX from your PC so that it will clear all the bloatware and corrupted files that are causing the errors.

And after that, you can clean install the latest DirectX without any worries.

Download DirectX Uninstaller

This is the link to download the DirectX remover. This is a third-party website. So read that site before using it.

Hey, don’t worry. It’s not like you will get any virus or malware while using this step.

This method will clear and remove hidden DirectX packages.

7. DirectX Repair Tool

This method will diagnose the problem and fixes the errors.

This is a built-in tool in windows PC so you don’t have to download manually.

Go to the Windows search box or Run box, type DxDiag, and open it.

This is a DirectX Repair Tool that will scan and tell you the affected areas like that DirectX setup could not download the file please retry later issue.

When you open it, it will start scanning automatically.

Apparently, you check this site to know the other tools.

It’s a straightforward method, no complications.

8. Use DirectX SDK 

You can install SDK to install all the DirectX packages.

Download DirectX SDK

This tool is actually the development package or software development kit that will install all the related packages into your system.

Just download from the above link, install it and you’re done.

Easy as it sounds, no complicated steps.

9. Install game and program components

If you haven’t installed any windows game components then just install them one by one so that you won’t face any DirectX error in the future.

It may work because ur installing some parts of the DirectX packages using this optional method.

This is the link: Game Components for Windows PC

These are a bunch of necessary programs or components to run windows apps, games, software without any errors.

This is just an option method but it’s a nice thing to have all the updated programs installed on your PC.

10. Restore or Reset PC

If none of the methods are working for you, although it’s a very rare case, or your PC is bought from another dimension then you can restore or reset your PC.

Just go to settings then find the recovery menu and then go to reset options.

Or just type reset or restore in the windows search box and follow the steps.

Watch videos on Youtube to know how to restore or reset the PC.


You can easily fix DirectX installation failure or DirectX network error using the first four methods.

You can also watch the video tutorial if you don’t know how to fix the DirectX setup could not download the file.

This post will surely help you to fix directx installation error.

If none of these solutions work, it is possible that the required DirectX files have been removed from the Microsoft website or the link is broken. In this case, you may need to contact Microsoft support for assistance.