Realtek Audio Console Download for Windows 10/11 (It’s Easy)

In this post, I’ll show you how to download realtek audio console for windows 10/11 laptop and computer.

It is not an easy task to find realtek audio console download in windows 10/11. Because there is no direct download button for realtek audio console on their official realtek website.

Realtek is an audio driver and the realtek audio console is not available to download separately.

No matter how you hard you search on the internet, you won’t find it anywhere on the site.

Those who are smart enough to understand technical things can easily get realtek audio console but still many people don’t know how to install realtek audio console in windows 10/11 computer.

But do not worry because here in this blogpost, I’ll show you exactly what to do and how to do it.

By following the steps shown in this article, anyone can get this audio console easily.

So let’s start.

Realtek Audio Console for Windows 10/11

realtek audio console download

Realtek Audio Console for windows 10/11 is a software or program designed by Realtek semiconductior corp.

If you noticed it, most of the windows versions have realtek audio driver installed into their system.

Since realtek and microsoft made a lifetime deal together, you will see realtek drivers in the newer versions of windows too.

Realtek audio driver is a system component used to function your audio system in the windows. It actually enhances your default audio system.

Realtek Audio Console is an application or software which actually used for tweaking your system audio. It’s a very simple program to be honest but it does the job for normal users like me.

It definitely helps you to fine tune your default audio system whether it’s a mic, speaker or any other audio input device, it will show up in the audio console.

I personally use it for the microphone to make the sound clear and also for the headphone which give good sound output.

So if you don’t have this realtek audio console in windows 10/11 computer then you can download and install it.

You will be using realtek audio console download link if you already have the audio driver.

Read further for more information.

Check if Realtek Audio Console is already installed or not.

A lot of people get confused since this program is not directly listed in their start menu or on the desktop.

But that does not mean it’s not there.

If you have realtek audio driver then the there is a high chance that your PC has already installed realtek audio console too.

But you don’t exactly know where it is located, right?

So there are two possible locations for this software to locate.

System tray is the obvious location to check for the realtek audio console.

realtek audio console system tray

You can open control panel by searching in the windows search. Then again in the control panel search box type “realtek audio”. If you have it installed already then it will show up in the searches. If you don’t have it then it won’t show anything.

Alternatively, you can switch to large or small icons and it will show all the “go to programs and locations”.

realtek audio console control panel

Realtek Audio Console Download for windows 10/11

Video Guide:

By following this video, you will be able to download realtek audio console in windows 10/11 very easily.

The process is very simple. You just have to download and install the realtek audio driver.

Yes, you heard me right, realtek audio console comes with the driver package. That’s why there is no separate download button or link for this software.

Now, here is the catch. You can visit official realtek website or use these below links to get the audio driver.

  1. Realtek Official Site
  2. Alternative Realtek Site

If you already have a driver installed in your computer then here is the good news.

You can Download Realtek Audio Console for windows 10/11 directly using this link.

This won’t work if you don’t have realtek audio driver. So first download and install it.

You should use realtek audio console download 32-bit link if your PC is 32 bit, from the above given links.

Realtek audio console download 64-bit link is only for 64-bit PC. This won’t work on 32 bit PC, keep that in mind. But 32 bit version can work on 64 bit PC.

Official website server is very slow and gets stuck sometimes.

I was able to download from the realtek site but it took me 3 freaking hours to get the 250MB file.

And my internet speed is pretty fast but as I said their servers are slow so it does not matter what our speed is, the setup will be downloaded as per their speed. It sucks tbh.

But you can use above alternate links to get realtek audio driver.

Recommended: Realtek Audio Manager

How to install Realtek Audio Console?

First you have to use realtek audio console download link to download it then install realtek audio console by using the the followin steps.

  1. First, download the realtek audio driver
  2. Extract the package
  3. Search for setup.exe file
  4. Right click on it and run as administrator.
  5. Now follow the on screen instructions and install it.
  6. Restart your PC once you’re done.

This like a normal software installtion but you might be wondering where is the realtek audio console download button or something like that, right?

Well, it’s in the audio driver package itself. So when you install the driver, your software gets installed too.

But remember this, if you already have a realtek audio driver then the setup will say that you have to first remove the already installed driver and then install the new one.

Yeah, as I said, installing realtek programs really sucks. It’s really annoying and irritating.

But we don’t have any other option so we have to follow the steps.

Anyway, just install the driver and then proeed to further steps.

How to open realtek audio console?

So you have used realtek audio console download link, you installed the driver along with the software and now you want to open it.

Well, this is very easy actually.

Remember the locations we talked about earlier where we could find this program?

Yes, from there you can easily open realtek audio console.

But hey once you open it then I suggest you to pin this app to the taskbar so that you don’t have to look around for it again and again. It will be pinned at the taskbar forever unless you delete it.

You can open realtek audio console by searching directly in the windows search bar, going to the control panel and in the system tray too.

Also, if you connect any audio device then realtek audio console will give you a notification.

It’s a really handy feature.

How to use and configure realtek audio console?

First of all, don’t get confused if you see look of your software different than you usually see.

The interface is different for different version of motherboards like amd, intel, etc.

The UI comes with my PC may or may not be same for you. So keep that in mind and don’t get confused.

It’s just a different look, the software is still the same for every PC.

And talking about how to configure or use it? Well, it is upto you to be honest.

I mean, if you don’t use any recording device then you don’t have to worry about the mic configs.

But I use it so it is important for me.

You can watch this video for quick overview of realtek audio console.

This just shows some basic feature of the app nothing else.

You should just try it yourself and look around the software. In this way, you will know and explore this software way better than just watching the video.

You can fine tune your outupt audio manually for the crystal clear sound or just use predefined profiles from the application like jazz, pop, etc.

Just explore this software on your own.


  • Is Realtek Audio Console available for separate download?
  • No, Realtek Audio Console is not available for separate download. It comes bundled with the Realtek audio driver package. But you can realtek audio console download link which is hidden in the ms store.
  • How can I check if Realtek Audio Console is already installed on my Windows 10/11 computer?
  • You can check for Realtek Audio Console in the system tray or use the control panel. Search for “Realtek Audio” in the control panel search box, or switch to large/small icons to find programs and locations.
  • Where can I download Realtek Audio Console for Windows 10/11?
  • You can download Realtek Audio Console by following the video guide provided in the post. The download is included in the Realtek audio driver package, available on the official Realtek website or alternative sites mentioned in the post.
  • How do I install Realtek Audio Console?
  • To install Realtek Audio Console, first, download the Realtek audio driver using the provided link. Extract the package, locate the setup.exe file, run it as administrator, and follow the on-screen instructions. Restart your PC after installation. If you already have the driver then you can use realtek audio console download link from the microsoft store.
  • How do I open and use Realtek Audio Console after installation?
  • You can open Realtek Audio Console by searching directly in the Windows search bar, accessing it through the control panel, or finding it in the system tray. Once opened, consider pinning it to the taskbar for easy access. Explore the software interface to configure audio settings according to your preferences.


You can easily install realtek audio console in windows 11/10 PC.

Just follow the steps shown above and don’t forget to use realtek audio console download link. Because that’s the important thing, after all.

Realtek audio console is really helpful software even though it’s very basic and simple for normal users like me.

You can save this post so that you don’t have to look for any ther guide in the future.