XML Sitemap Generator for Blogger (Free)

Are you looking for blogger sitemap generator?

Then you search ends here because we have made super easy to use tool which will generate blogger sitemap for your website in a single click.

YES, you can create XML Sitemap for Blogger using our blogger sitemap generator tool very easily.

But do note that this xml sitemap generator for blogger tool cannot be used for other websites as it is specifically designed for blogger platform only.

Just enter your website URL below and it will automatically create an XML sitemap for blogger in an instant.

Sitemap Generator for Blogger

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What’s a Blogger Sitemap?

Sitemap Generator for Blogger

Blogger sitemap is a file which contains structered listing of all the published posts from your blogger website.

This is like a map that gives directions for search engine crawlers to navigate through your blogger posts while indexing.

It is mainly ordered by modified date for the blogpost in blogger’s default system and you cannot change it manually since it’s automatic. You have no option to change, modify or edit the sitemp file.

But you don’t even have to worry about this sitemap file at all. Blogger sitemap may be simple and basic, but it is the best thing to have for any sitemap format from an SEO point of view.

I mean, if your job is getting done by anyhow then why would you want to change the file, right?

SEO is very complex thing and one thing is interlinked to another and that thing is also linked to some other thing and so on. There are more than 200+ things that are linked to each other in SEO according to google algorithm.

And Blogger’s sitemap is a very important thing from SEO perspective. This will tell search engines about your pulished, modified or removed posts from your website time to time. Doing this for every single URL of your website is a stupid idea unless you have very few URLs like 10 links.

But sitemap does everything for you automatically. It works on it’s own so you don’t have to maintain it manually.

You just have to focus on creating a good content, that’s all.

What’s a sitemap generator for Blogger?

Sitemap generator for Blogger is a free tool that automatically generates XML Sitemap for your Blogger website.

Actually, you don’t even need to use sitemap generator for blogger.

Usually blogger do this automatically and you don’t even have to create any new format. But this sitemap generator for Blogger tool will enhance the default sitemap format.

What I mean is that this will give you the actual sitemap link for your default sitemap URL. You can then submit your sitemap to the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to index your posts faster and automatically.

This blogger sitemap generator will certainly show you the most genuine sitemap format which is already made by blogger system

How do you create XML Sitemap for Blogger?

As I said earlier, you don’t even need to use blogger sitemap generator for any of your blogger sites since blogger handles everything on it’s on.


But you can create blogger sitemap manually if you want.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Log in to your Blogger account.
  2. Head to your Blogger dashboard.
  3. Go to your blog’s “Settings.”
  4. Click on “Search preferences.”
  5. Look for the “Crawlers and indexing” section.
  6. Turn on the “Custom robots.txt” option.
  7. Use a sitemap generator for blogger tool to create the XML Sitemap and copy-paste it in the custom robots.txt.
  8. Save your changes.

Once you’ve got that custom robots.txt option on, Blogger does the job for you. You won’t need to manually create the XML Sitemap.

Why is a sitemap for Blogger so crucial?

Now, you have createed a sitemap using our one of the best tool called sitemap generator for Blogger. But do you even know why sitemap for blogger is important and why is it necessary to have it?🤔

Let’s see.

a. Search Engine Visibility:

A sitemap helps search engines find and list all your blog’s important pages, improving your chances of showing up in search results and getting more visitors.

b. Faster Indexing:

With a sitemap, search engines can quickly spot new content or changes on your blog, making sure your latest stuff appears in search results sooner.

c. Better Content Organization:

A sitemap lays out your blog’s content in a neat way, helping search engines understand how your pages are structured.

d. Essential for Big Blogs:

If your Blogger blog is big with lots of pages and posts, a sitemap is a must. It ensures that search engines don’t miss anything on your site.

e. Easy Updates:

Whenever you add new stuff or tweak things, the sitemap gets updated automatically, telling search engines about the changes.

f. Better Rankings

Good sitemap structure helps imporove your overall rankings as well since crawlers find that you navigation of blosposts are easy and fast.

What about advanced sitemaps?

As I said earlier, this sitemap generator for Blogger tool will enhance the default sitemap for blogger and it’s very basic and simple in format. But there are more advanced sitemaps that can be very beneficial for complex and more featured rich websites.

A full-fledged sitemap offers some very cool yet helpful features:

  1. URL List: Lists all the URLs (web addresses) of your pages, posts, images, videos, etc.
  2. Priority and Frequency: Tells search engines how important and how often your content is updated.
  3. Improved Crawling Efficiency: Helps search engine bots move around your site more efficiently, especially for large websites.
  4. Indexing New and Updated Content: Notifies search engines when you add or change things on your site.
  5. Error Identification: Flags issues like broken links or blocked pages.
  6. Enhanced Website Visibility: Boosts your chances of appearing in search results.
  7. Support for Different Media Types: Includes URLs for images, videos, news articles, etc.
  8. Geographical Targeting: Lets you aim your content at specific regions or languages.
  9. Mobile and Desktop Versions: Helps search engines know which version of your site to show.
  10. Support for Internationalization: Includes tags to show different language versions.

But, Blogger’s sitemap is pretty basic. Google generates it in the background, and it’s simple yet good enough for indexing and ranking.


Is sitemap generator for blogger free forever?

Yes, it’s free and always will be.

Can you create or edit default sitemap in blogger?

No, you can’t.

Which tool is the best to create blogger sitemap?

None since the sitemap is already there in the blogger system. But you can use our tool to generate blogger sitemp xml format.

Do I need tech skills to make a sitemap for Blogger?

Nope, not at all. Just click a few buttons in Blogger’s settings, and it automatically creates the XML sitemap when you turn on “Custom robots.txt.”

How do I tell search engines about my Blogger sitemap?

No need to bother – once Blogger generates the sitemap, search engines find it on their own and use it to index your blog.

Is a sitemap generator for blogger tool a must?

No! Blogger handles sitemaps on its own, so you don’t need an extra tool unless you want a custom sitemap for specific purposes. But you can’t create manual sitemap in blogger either.

Is sitemap for blogger important?

Obviously it’s important. It helps to index your blogposts faster and automatically.

What are the types of sitemaps?

There are two sitemap formats html and xml, but for search engines, XML sitemap is the best due to it’s structural listings.


You can use our sitemap generator for Blogger to create blogger sitemap very easily and quickly.

To sum it up, a Blogger Sitemap is an XML file that guides search engines through your blog, making it more visible and searchable. You can turn it on in Blogger’s settings without needing to create the XML file manually.

However, if you want an automatic approach, a sitemap generator tool can help. And don’t worry about those advanced features unless you’re running a more complex website – Blogger’s got you covered with the basics.

Blogger does the job for you so don’t worry about anything. Just make a good content and your sitemap will handle the rest.

Happy Blogging!