Custom Robots.txt Generator for Blogger in 1 Click (Free)

If you are using a blogger platform to create and host your website then this tool is very helpful for you.

You can create custom Robots.txt for blogger website in one click with this Robots.txt Generator for Blogger tool.

This tool will generate Robots.txt for blogger based upon given website URL.

You can also find it manually in the blogger website. 

But this Robots.txt Generator for Blogger will do the work for you automatically.

Robots.txt Generator for Blogger


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What is robots.txt in Blogger and how does it work?

Robots.txt Generator for Blogger

Robots.txt is a file which contains certain rules to index your website’s content. This is a very important file since it’s used by all the search engines to crawl, index and rank your content.

If website does not have this file then your posts won’t get crawled and indexed. So if you want to rank in search engine results pages like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. then you must have this robots.txt file in your website’s root directory.

This file actually contains just two rules: “Allow” and “Disallow”.

This states the indexation of your blogposts or website content. Allow rule states that everything under this rule is allowed to crawl and index for the search engines. Similarly, Disallow rule says that all the links under this rule are not allowed to crawl and index.

You can watch this video to know about robots.txt file better if you prefer video explanations.

This video explains what is robots.txt and how to use it and what are the use cases of it.

This file is actually very important as it will decide which pages of your blog and website should get indexed and which should not.

The usual format for any robots.txt file is something like this:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search-box/
Allow: /


User agent: * means anyone can crawl this robots.txt file.

Search engines will not crawl and index urls under “search-box” prefix since it’s stated under disallow rule.

Allow rule says that search engines are allowed to crawl and index everything under root domain. The slash / is considered as home or root directory.

Finally, we have a sitemap at the bottom to inform search engines that this is the link where they will find all of your website’s blog posts and other content.

A sitemap is very crucial in this file, as it is the only thing crawlers will look for to access your site’s content.

Blogger will generate robots.txt for blogger websites automatically. The system is very user friendly and easy for everyone in blogger.

Sometimes, you want to manually create custom robots.txt for blogger sites. Then you can use this Robots.txt Generator for Blogger for free to create a custom robots.txt for blogger sites very easily and fast.

What is a robots.txt generator for Blogger?

Robots.txt generator for Blogger is an online tool that will generate custom robots.txt for your blogger sites automatically in a single click. You just have to put your website URL and then our tool will generate robots.txt text for you in an instant.

Instead of manually writing the file, which can be time-consuming and sometimes you might face errors if you don’t do it correctly, our tool blogger robots.txt generator will do the job for you very quickly.

Many new bloggers don’t know about this robots.txt generator for blogger. They try to add this manually and make mistakes and errors. Due to which, they face challenges while indexing and ranking their website.

If you make a mistake in the robots.txt file then it will eventually impact your site very badly. I was a newbie too. I made an error while doing this kind of stuff and faced so many problems later.

So that’s why you should do it carefully. Many people don’t pay attention and sometimes disallow root directory which is nothing but their main domain. Hence, you should be careful while modifying this file.

To avoid this critical errors, you should either know exactly what you’re doing or else leave the default settings as it is since Blogger handles everything perfectly.

Or else you can use our free robots.txt generator for blogger. This is a very easy to use tool and anyone can use it to create robots.txt for blogger site.

Our programmar actually made this tool for himself for the personal use but later on decided to make it public for the bloggers like you.

So use it for free as many times as you want.

How to generate robots.txt for Blogger?

Anyone can easily generate robots.txt for Blogger using our free tool. And the process to use it is very easy too. You just have to put your website domain name and it will do the job for you.

You can follow these steps to use our robots.txt generator for blogger:

1. Go to our “Blogger robots.txt generator” above.

2. Enter your website’s domain.

3. Click on “Generate robots.txt for blogger” button.

4. Copy the generated text.

5. Go to your blogger website settings.

6. Search for crawlers and indexing

7. Enable custom robots.txt for blogger.

8. Open the custom robots.txt box.

9. Paste your robots.txt content here.

10. Click on Save

This is how you generate robots.txt for blogger sites. You can add this text manually too. As I said earlier, if you’re not sure what you’re doing then use our tool or leave the default option as it is.

How blogger robots.txt generator works?

This is very easy actually.

The format of Blogger robots.txt generator tool is almost same for everyone except for the URL of their website.

So, when you click on Blogger robots.txt generator button, it will give you the predefined text with your provided website URL.

This contains your sitemap url along with some context. Mostly everything will be indexed if you just say allow with root directoy. But our tool not only adds you posts sitemap but your blogger pages sitemap too.

Many people still don’t know how to find blogger sitemap for pages. But we have robots.txt generator for blogger very effectively. This enhances your posts and pages and signals google crawlers to index your content.

This tool is programmed in such a way that anyone who is looking for robots.txt generator for blogger can create and use it easily.

In just one click, you can generate custome robots.txt for Blogger website.

Isn’t it easy?


1. What is a robots.txt generator?

Robots.txt generator for blogger is a tool to create and generate custom robots.txt for blogger website.

2. How do you create robots.txt for blogger?

By using this tool, you can create custom robots.txt for your blogger website.

3. Is robots.txt file important in SEO?

Yes, it is very important because this contains rules of information regarding whether your content should be indexed or not.

4. Is using robots.txt generator for blogger necessary?

No. Blogger automatically generates this for you. But if you want manually add it, you can use this tool to do so.

5. Can i modify or edit the generated text?

Yes, you can edit the generated robots.txt text according to your needs. But make sure that you are well aware about what you’re doing since it may block access to your websites content if anything goes wrong.


In simple terms, robots.txt is like a special note that websites use to guide search engines on which parts of their site can be explored and shown in search results.

And guess what? There’s a cool tool called a robots.txt generator for blogger. Yes specifically made just for Blogger. It makes creating this note super easy. Anyone can use it!

By putting careful thought into what you write in your robots.txt, you get to decide how search engines interact with your content. It’s not just about control – it’s a clever way to improve your website’s chances of showing up in search results and helps those search engine bots navigate your site smoothly.

Making sure your robots.txt is spot on is crucial. It’s like the key to making sure your website is visible when people are looking for things online. Cool, right?