Top 5 Must have Game components for Windows 10/11 PC

Top 5 Must have Game components for windows 10 PC

In this post, I’ll show you the Top 5 Must have Game components for windows 11/10 PC.

Ever got an error while playing a game just because you don’t have any game component? 

Well, I don’t know about you but I got many errors. 

If you are downloading games from genuine games stores then you won’t get any errors because they have game packages in their setups.

But what about those games you download from free websites or, I must say, from Torrent?

You will definitely get 1 or 2 errors regarding game installations.

Hence I decided to make this article so that your Windows PC will have all the game components that are necessary to run any game.

So let’s see what are those must-have game components for windows 10 PC.

Why do you need game components?🤔

Is this even a question?

I mean, yes, it is.

But don’t you think this is a weird question for those who play games on their Windows PC.

The answer is simple: if you are playing games then you need game components to run, all of the games available in the market, efficiently and effectively.

The reason behind installing all of these game components is that Windows games are mostly packed with cross-platform API, made in Visual Studio, dotnet framework, and C++ programming language.

And hence, the first three components are necessary to run games without any errors and problems in Windows 10.

You can search on google for game components download or game components driver download and can have a look around the websites.

If you regularly update your windows then you don’t have to worry about these things.

But make sure you update all the necessary drivers on your PC.

Updating drivers is really helpful to run games nicely.

That’s why to run games smoothly, you need to have Game components for Windows PC.

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What happens if I refuse to install Game components for Windows?

Well, the first thing is that your game won’t run without some of these components. 

Three things might happen if you don’t have the necessary game components in your system:

you will get errors, your game won’t run properly, you will get compatibility issues.

If you are downloading games from free websites (torrent, ocean of games, etc) then it is highly recommended to install game components. 

Because their setups are not completely packed with all the game files and features.

They cut down the game components in order to make the game setup smaller in size.

As I said earlier if you are installing games from the Official Game Store or platforms like steam and epic, then you don’t have to worry about these components.

Because they already have the game package packed with all these things.

So let’s start by knowing the very first game component and I am sure your PC already has it.

Game components for windows 10😎

1. Microsoft DirectX

This is the very first thing out of our top 5 Game components for Windows PC. It’s important too.

Almost all Windows PCs have DirectX in their system.

Microsoft DirectX is a collection of application programming interfaces for handling tasks related to multimedia, especially game programming and video, on Microsoft platforms.

Here is the download link for DirectX 12.Download DirectX 12

It was first launched in September 1995 and currently, the latest version is DirectX 12.

If you have an old PC then you may be having lower versions like DirectX 9, DirectX 11.

This includes all the DLL and other files that need to be installed on a PC in order to run any program without problems.

If you are facing a DLL file missing issue or DirectX errors then you should really install the latest DirectX on your Windows 10 PC.

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Almost every game needs DirectX to run the game effectively and efficiently.

So consider yourself installing the latest version of DirectX in your Windows system.

It helps gaming services and its GPU services to run efficiently and effectively.

This is the most common and basic component all PCs should have and it’s actually, by default, installed on your PC.

You don’t have to know about DirectX that much, just install the latest version in your system and proceed to the next game component.

2. Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages

This package is the most important among all of the Windows software, apps, and games.

Even the windows operating system itself has this package.

This package is actually the runtime library files called DLL, which are necessary and important to run Windows applications and related services.

Windows by default install the necessary visual C + + packages through Windows updates. 

If you already have this package then consider updating it to the latest version. Download visual C + + packagesYou need to install them according to your PC architecture whether it is 32 bit or 64bit.

Video tutorial:

If you don’t have these visual C++ packages in your system then your PC is half dead.

Software, games, and Microsoft services will not run without these packages.

Because they are part of the Windows operating system and its related services.

And if the game is for windows then obviously that game also has this visual C++ packages.

Most games are made in C# and C++ languages and probably in visual studio.

So it’s a really necessary component to have on your PC. In fact, this is one of the important Game components for Windows, that actually takes part while runing your games.

3. DotNet Framework (.net)

Simply speaking if the game is built with C# programming language and Microsoft Visual Studio then you need to have DotNet Framework in your system.

This are not Game components for Windows but a whole framework.

Not only games but software and applications also need to have dotnet framework in order to run the related services.

And Windows software and applications are most probably built in Microsoft Visual Studio.

So it’s better to have dotnet Framework in your system.

Download dotnet framework

This mainly get installed through windows update.

To check if your PC already has this Dot Net Framework, open Command Prompt, and type dotnet.

You will know instantly if your PC has already installed this in your system or not.

But if you don’t have this on your PC, you will simply get an error message saying that “dotnet is not recognized as an internal or external command”.

But if you already have it then update it to the latest version.

4. GPU driver

It is very obvious that you need to update your GPU driver to the latest one.

Because GPU updates will help you to run your games smoothly.

Now, there are three main GPU drivers that run in the windows system.

  • AMD
  • Nvidia
  • Intel HD graphics

You can also install the updates from the device manager.

Just search for your GPU in the device manager, right-click on it and then click on the update driver.

No wonder GPU driver is the best of all Game components for Windows PC since it runs your games smoothly.

5. OpenGL and OpenAL

OpenGL is a cross-language, cross-platform application programming interface for rendering 2D and 3D vector graphics. 

The API is typically used to interact with a graphics processing unit, to achieve hardware-accelerated rendering. 

OpenAL is a cross-platform audio application programming interface. 

It is designed for efficient rendering of multichannel three-dimensional positional audio. 

ts API style and conventions deliberately resemble those of OpenGL.

Download OpenAL

OpenGL comes with the system to run with the basic graphics-related operations. You just need to update your graphics driver and then you will have the latest OpenGLin your system.

That’s all.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Must-Have Game Components on Windows 10 PC:

Q1: Why do I need game components for my Windows 10 PC?
A: Game components, such as DirectX, Visual C++ redistributable packages, DotNet Framework, GPU drivers, OpenGL, and OpenAL, are essential for running games efficiently and effectively on your Windows PC. These components provide support for multimedia tasks, game programming, and graphics rendering, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Q2: What happens if I refuse to install game components?
A: If you choose not to install the necessary game components, your games may encounter errors, run improperly, or face compatibility issues. It is especially crucial to install these components when downloading games from free websites like torrents, as they may not include all required files and features in their setups.

Q3: Where can I find and download the required game components?
A: You can find and download the necessary game components from various sources. For example, DirectX 12 can be downloaded from the official Microsoft website. Visual C++ redistributable packages and DotNet Framework can be downloaded based on your PC architecture from their respective download links provided in the article. GPU drivers can be updated through the device manager, and OpenGL and OpenAL can be obtained through system updates and driver updates.

Q4: What are the primary game components for Windows 10?
A: The top 5 must-have game components for Windows 10 PC are:

  1. Microsoft DirectX: Handles multimedia tasks, game programming, and video on Microsoft platforms.
  2. Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages: Runtime library files essential for running Windows applications.
  3. DotNet Framework (.net): Necessary for games and software built with C# programming language and Microsoft Visual Studio.
  4. GPU driver: Update your GPU driver (AMD, Nvidia, or Intel HD graphics) to ensure smooth gaming performance.
  5. OpenGL and OpenAL: APIs for rendering 2D and 3D graphics and efficient rendering of three-dimensional positional audio.

Q5: Do I need to update these game components regularly?
A: It is recommended to keep these game components up-to-date, especially if you want to ensure smooth gaming performance. Regular updates, including GPU driver updates and the latest versions of DirectX, Visual C++ redistributable packages, DotNet Framework, OpenGL, and OpenAL, can contribute to better compatibility and enhanced gaming experiences.

Q6: Can I check if I already have DotNet Framework installed on my PC?
A: Yes, you can check if DotNet Framework is installed on your PC by opening the Command Prompt and typing “dotnet.” If your PC has it, you will not receive an error message. However, if it’s not installed, you will get an error message stating that “dotnet is not recognized as an internal or external command.”

Q7: How do I update my GPU driver?
A: To update your GPU driver, you can go to the Device Manager, locate your GPU, right-click on it, and choose “Update driver.” Alternatively, you can download the latest driver from the official website of your GPU manufacturer (AMD, Nvidia, or Intel) and install it manually.

Q8: Are these game components only essential for gaming, or do they benefit other applications as well?
A: These game components are not only crucial for gaming but also beneficial for other Windows software and applications. Components like Visual C++ redistributable packages and DotNet Framework are commonly used in various applications, so having them installed ensures smooth operation of a wide range of software on your Windows 10 PC.


All the above game components for windows 10 or 11 are the most important ones to have in your computer system. This will make sure that whatever games you want to play or develop, will always run without any issues or errors.

These are not only helpful for games but also for windows features, programs, software and applications too. So just download and install them on your PC and you will have the necessary or I should say important game components for windows 10 PC.

Happy Gaming!😄